Friday, July 20th, 2012
Header afbeelding van Weathercube is dawning

Weathercube is dawning

Final testing phase initiated

This post might just be the last one before Weathercube is ready to be launched. As you can imagine we’re pretty psyched we’re getting closer to show our baby to the world. But there’s still a lot of stuff on our to-do-list. The final test-build will find its way to our testers within a week.

Over the last couple of weeks our lab rats a.k.a. our dear testpanel have been giving us lots of feedback to improve Weathercube. We’d like to thank them for all the valuable info they’ve been sending us. It really helped us to model the app into the beautiful product it has become.

All of the aspects that are essential to create Weathercube are finally blending together.
One of the last steps is shooting the video so we can spread it on the web, creating the buzz Weathercube deserves. We’re also busy contacting blogs etcetera and getting them excited.
We’ll have our work cut out for us by the time the official launch is getting closer.
But we’re not complaining, this is what we’re made for.

Ciao for now!