Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013
Header afbeelding van Weathercube goes universal

Weathercube goes universal

We cracked it!

Of course we’ve been updating Weathercube since it was launched. Some minor bugs were squashed, and we tweaked a bit here and there. But behind the scenes we were working on a completely new version of our lttle sunshine.

And here she is: Weathercube is now optimized for iPad and iPad Mini! That is one BIG cube.

Download once, and install it on all your iDevices. Check out the cube on the giant retina-screen, it looks stunning. We also added a new search-engine to find your current location. This means your local forecast is even more accurate than before. And a new update is on its way already. Issues with sounds in Weathercube after a phonecall, are now history.

As you can tell we’re right on top of things and always trying to make the app even slicker. So stay tuned for the next chapter in Weathercube’s evolution.

Wishing you a sunny day from underneath the Dutch snowflakes,

Team Appsuperb