Tuesday, August 28th, 2012
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Beyond the misty veil

Sunny days ahead

It’s on!!! Weathercube’s final version has been uploaded to be reviewed by Apple!

We hope to get Apple’s clearance to launch Weathercube by next week. As the tension rises, you can imagine we haven’t got any fingernails left to bite. This is the long-awaited moment, we can almost share Weathercube with all of you.

We’re also proud to present the promo video we shot last week. We added a little sneak peak of the app as well.

Besides all this great news we’d like to give you a peek behind the curtains of Weathercube. Over the past months we developed the app by trial and error, overcoming the bumps in the road one at a time.

For instance: to check the app’s weatherfeed, we did some rigorous testing. We crossed the globe to make sure we’ve got the most accurate forecasts known to mankind. We’ve been suffering from the Ibiza clubs, the isles of Greece, Miami’s Ocean Drive and the Copacabana, all the way down to Sydney harbour. But it was all worth it. We now know that the feed is indeed as good as we thought. Rest assured, we did take same time off to absorb the joys of life as well!

We’ll be back with updates a.s.a.p. Catch you on the cube-side!