Wednesday, June 6th, 2012
Header afbeelding van B.E.T.A.


Weathercube’s first testflight is ready for lift-off!

It is our pleasure to unveil another big event towards the upcoming launch of Weathercube:

Today we’re shipping the invitations for our beta testing programme to the lucky few who get their hands on it!

At this point we’re convinced we’ve got to a stage we can start revealing a bit of Weathercube to our followers. This is one of those moments we’ve been waiting for.
A huge milestone in Appsuperb history and something we’ve been working on so intense since february. We’re thrilled to hear what you guys think of our baby.
She might still be a bit glitchy and buggy, but you should be able to help us out on that.
We’re sure she’ll be stunning by the time she is presented to the world.

As you might have figured out this means that Weathercube will be released in a couple of weeks. Of course we’ll keep you updated about that big event!

That’s about it for now: keep giving us your feedback so we can put all your ideas in a big bowl, give it a good stir and create some magic.