Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013
Headerafbeelding van Weathercube goes universal

Weathercube goes universal

We cracked it!

Of course we’ve been updating Weathercube since it was launched. Some minor bugs were squashed, and we tweaked a bit here and there. But behind the scenes we were working on a completely new version of our lttle sunshine.

And here she is: Weathercube is now optimized for iPad and iPad Mini! That is one BIG cube.

Download once, and install it on all your iDevices. Check out the cube on the giant retina-screen, it looks stunning. We also added a new search-engine to find your current location. This means your local forecast is even more accurate than before. And a new update is on its way already. Issues with sounds in Weathercube after a phonecall, are now history.

As you can tell we’re right on top of things and always trying to make the app even slicker. So stay tuned for the next chapter in Weathercube’s evolution.

Wishing you a sunny day from underneath the Dutch snowflakes,

Team Appsuperb

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2012
Headerafbeelding van W-Day


Weathercube is officially on the App Store!

Yes indeed, this is the moment of truth! As of this morning Weathercube is officially available on the App Store. Here at Appsuperb HQ we’re all very proud to finally show it to the world. So don’t wait any longer, download Weathercube and start pinching, swiping and tapping! Feel the simplicity and ease yourself. Let’s set the standard for clean and functional design.

Thanks for all the support!

The Appsuperb team

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Tuesday, August 28th, 2012
Headerafbeelding van Beyond the misty veil

Beyond the misty veil

Sunny days ahead

It’s on!!! Weathercube’s final version has been uploaded to be reviewed by Apple!

We hope to get Apple’s clearance to launch Weathercube by next week. As the tension rises, you can imagine we haven’t got any fingernails left to bite. This is the long-awaited moment, we can almost share Weathercube with all of you.

We’re also proud to present the promo video we shot last week. We added a little sneak peak of the app as well.

Besides all this great news we’d like to give you a peek behind the curtains of Weathercube. Over the past months we developed the app by trial and error, overcoming the bumps in the road one at a time.

For instance: to check the app’s weatherfeed, we did some rigorous testing. We crossed the globe to make sure we’ve got the most accurate forecasts known to mankind. We’ve been suffering from the Ibiza clubs, the isles of Greece, Miami’s Ocean Drive and the Copacabana, all the way down to Sydney harbour. But it was all worth it. We now know that the feed is indeed as good as we thought. Rest assured, we did take same time off to absorb the joys of life as well!

We’ll be back with updates a.s.a.p. Catch you on the cube-side!

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Friday, July 20th, 2012
Headerafbeelding van Weathercube is dawning

Weathercube is dawning

Final testing phase initiated

This post might just be the last one before Weathercube is ready to be launched. As you can imagine we’re pretty psyched we’re getting closer to show our baby to the world. But there’s still a lot of stuff on our to-do-list. The final test-build will find its way to our testers within a week.

Over the last couple of weeks our lab rats a.k.a. our dear testpanel have been giving us lots of feedback to improve Weathercube. We’d like to thank them for all the valuable info they’ve been sending us. It really helped us to model the app into the beautiful product it has become.

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Wednesday, June 6th, 2012
Headerafbeelding van B.E.T.A.


Weathercube’s first testflight is ready for lift-off!

It is our pleasure to unveil another big event towards the upcoming launch of Weathercube:

Today we’re shipping the invitations for our beta testing programme to the lucky few who get their hands on it!

At this point we’re convinced we’ve got to a stage we can start revealing a bit of Weathercube to our followers. This is one of those moments we’ve been waiting for.
A huge milestone in Appsuperb history and something we’ve been working on so intense since february. We’re thrilled to hear what you guys think of our baby.
She might still be a bit glitchy and buggy, but you should be able to help us out on that.
We’re sure she’ll be stunning by the time she is presented to the world.

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Monday, May 14th, 2012
Headerafbeelding van Finetuning Weathercube

Finetuning Weathercube

Beta testing starts soon, join our lab now!

After launching the buzz on the interwebs was overwhelming. The feedback was amazing. This strengthens our determination, we know we’re on the right track.
Since late april we’ve come a long way with the performance of Weathercube. But there’s still a lot of finetuning to do in the coming weeks. Beta testing will start soon. So sign up for notications on our homepage and keep an eye on this blog and our newsletter. Within a couple of weeks we will e-mail you an invitation to join our lab for the first testflight of Weathercube.

Right now we’re focussing on keeping Weathercube smooth and colorful, but insanely accurate and quick to use. We’re looking forward to more of your reactions.
So keep spamming us on Twitter and Facebook!!!

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Wednesday, April 25th, 2012
Headerafbeelding van and social media come to life and social media come to life

Website, Twitter and Facebook update

We’re excited to announce that is hitting the internet today, so buckle up and get ready for the launch. The website shows all of Weathercube’s features and much more.

Social media is also up and running, so get busy on Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned for the latest news and sneak previews on the Weathercube. We love your feedback, as it can improve the app. Keep it coming. Your suggestions are very important to us!

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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
Headerafbeelding van Getting started

Getting started

Turning wild ideas into concrete plans

After drawing the first sketches of the Weathercube interface, we were inspired by this minimalistic concept. The second step in the development of Weathercube was to throw away 99 percent of everything we came up with and concentrate on the basic idea. Turning wild ideas into the real thing has been an exciting road trip for us so far. Mastering the 3D graphics is a big part of that. We were all blown away when we saw the first screenshots. At this moment we still can’t reveal too much about this amazing project but we’ve posted a very short video below to give you a sneak preview of Weathercube. So stay tuned and keep an eye on this blog and our social media accounts in the weeks to come!

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Thursday, March 22nd, 2012
Headerafbeelding van Goodmorning sunshine!

Goodmorning sunshine!

How we tried to squeeze the world in a cube

So there we were. A couple of guys with one basic idea: to develop a simple, fresh and easy weather app without buttons. Last February we had our first brainstorm sessions. What to do? And, often more important, what NOT to do. Long nights eating soggy pizza and lots of take-away sushi later we still didn’t have a clue. So we put it aside for a couple of weeks.

Then, at a moment no one expected it, we had our Eureka moment and came up with the awesome idea of a 3D cube. And that’s when she was born: Weathercube.

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